This week was even better for Scentura Creations!

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While last week was our best week in almost two years, this week was even better!! The lower price continues to deliver huge rewards for Scentura’s Independent Business owners, and their customers.

Nine deals over 500 again, nine owners on the regional page, and 13 One-Hundred Clubbers!

A few shout outs from some of the owners:

“Shout out to Rell & Cami for leading the way. Now it’s definitely time to step up and show what you know. You guys are doing an amazing job, so keep it up!!”
- Kira / Tia / Q.

“Juice to Jammie on her first 100 Club! We’re proud of you. Juice to Felix on opening his doors. Promotions in motion. Dream Team Schotts on the move once again!
- Donny / Holly

“Shout out to Mark, Rosie, and the San Antonio crew! Doing it “Big Texas” style!!
- Kerry / Amanda / Curtis

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  1. 14/03/2011admin says:

    …and thanks to Lori for doing a great job on the newsletters. She deserves credit for a lot of the content that gets posted on this blog!

  2. 17/03/2011Tom says:

    Congrats on a great week. Keep growing. I remember when there was three deals a week doing a thousand and the whole front page was over 500. Hire in masses, Teach em in Classes and kick them well you know.

  3. 18/03/2011Lore says:

    Thank you!!! :)

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