Choose to take advantage of the Scentura Creations Opportunity

by admin on 07/31/2012

For a lot of people, times are tough right now. And if you’re short on education, background, or experience, it’s probably even tougher. There’s not a lot of opportunity floating around right now.

But what happens when you DO come across an amazing opportunity? Will you CHOOSE to take advantage?

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When People Say It Can’t Be Done…

by admin on 07/23/2012

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Scentura Creations Was Built On Inspiring Others!

by admin on 07/17/2012

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Three Simple Rules

by admin on 07/9/2012

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5 Habits of Remarkably Successful Entrepreneurs

by admin on 07/2/2012

1. Time doesn’t fill them, they fill their time. Deadlines and time frames establish parameters, but typically not in a good way. The average person who is given two weeks to complete a task will instinctively adjust his effort so it actually takes two weeks. Forget deadlines, at least as a way to manage your activity. Tasks should only take as long as they need to take. Do everything as quickly and effectively as you can. Then use your “free” time to get other things done just as quickly and effectively. Average people allow time to impose its will on them; remarkable people impose their will on their time.

2. The people around them are the people they choose. Some of your people drive you nuts. Some of your customers are obnoxious. Some of your friends are selfish, all-about-me jerks. You chose them. If the people around you make you unhappy it’s not their fault. It’s your fault. They’re in your professional or personal life because you drew them to you – and you let them remain. Think about the type of people you want to work with. Think about the types of customers you would enjoy serving. Think about the friends you want to have. Then change what you do so you can start attracting those people. Hardworking people want to work with hardworking people. Kind people like to associate with kind people. Successful people are naturally drawn to successful people.

3. They have never PAID they’re dues. Dues aren’t paid – past tense. Dues GET paid, each and every day. The only real measure of your value is the tangible contribution you make on a daily basis. No matter what you’ve done or accomplished in the past, you’re never too good to roll up your sleeves, get dirty, and do the grunt work.  No job is ever too menial, no task ever too unskilled or boring. Remarkably successful people never feel entitled – except to the fruits of their labor.

4. Failure is something they accomplish, it doesn’t just happen to them. Ask people why they have been successful. Their answers will be filled with personal pronouns: I, me, and the sometimes too occasional we. Ask them why they failed. Most will revert to childhood and instinctively distance themselves, like the kid who says, “My toy got broken…” instead of, “I broke my toy. They’ll say the economy tanked. They’ll say the market wasn’t ready. They’ll say their suppliers couldn’t keep up. They’ll say it was someone or something else. And by distancing themselves, they don’t learn from their failures. Occasionally something completely outside your control will cause you to fail. Most of the time, though, it’s you. And that’s okay. Every successful person has failed. Numerous times. Most of them have failed a lot more often than you. That’s why they’re successful now. Embrace every failure: Own it, learn from it, and take full responsibility for making sure that next time, things will turn out differently.

5. The extra mile is a vast, unpopulated wasteland. Everyone says they go the extra mile. Almost no one actually does. Most people who go there think, “Wait… no one else is here… why am I doing this?” and leave, never to return. That’s why the extra mile is such a lonely place. That’s also why the extra mile is a place filled with opportunities. Be early. Stay late. Make the extra phone call. Don’t just tell your people what to do – show them what to do and work beside them. Every time you do something, think of one extra thing you can do – especially if other people aren’t doing that one thing. Sure, it’s hard. But that’s what will make you different. And over time, that’s what will make you incredibly successful.

Read stories of remarkable entrepreneurs who have found success with the Scentura Creations opportunity.

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Scentura Creations Scam

by admin on 06/28/2012

For 37 years, Scentura Creations has offered the average individual an above average opportunity – a chance to own your own business.

Yet for some reason, there are a handful of people who insist that this is somehow a scam.

It’s important to understand that Scentura has no intention of employing you. The goal is to offer you an easy entry into entrepreneurship by allowing you access to a quality product without having to pay for the merchandise upfront.

With Independent Business-owners selling our product nationwide, there are plenty of locations where you can learn the business from the ground up. In most cases, you can learn everything you need in 90 days or less.

When you look at it from a business perspective, it’s a pretty incredible opportunity:
(a) A quality product
(b) A proven business model
(c) Easy inventory access without upfront investment
(d) No sign-up fees or auto-ship

Scentura Creations certainly is not out to scam anyone, but rather offer them a chance to achieve career and financial success with a fun business!

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Get out of your own way!

by admin on 06/26/2012

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Scentura Creations, Since 1975

by admin on 06/25/2012

37 years ago, Larry Hahn created such a simple business:

(a) Learn the field.
(b) Teach others the field.
(c) Learn office and administration procedures.
(d) Open your own business.

All this can be learned in 90 days.

It’s a proven formula that has worked for 37 years. Many people have started with nothing, given it a shot, learned the business, and are now successful and passing along the opportunity to others.

That’s what it’s all about.

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Start now!

by admin on 06/21/2012

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You have to go for it

by admin on 06/13/2012

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