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Letter to Larry


An excerpt from Rosie Portillo’s letter to Larry Hahn

“I started in this business at a young 19, never thought about this becoming a career… Here I am at 32 years old with a beautiful family, home, cars, savings account and life.

Most recently, I really realized the value of being in my own business was much more than just the money. I moved to San Antonio July of 2009 and Mark was diagnosed with cancer in September. He went through treatments and was cleared April 2010. Then in July 2010 when he went to get a check-up, we learned the cancer had come back. He has been battling it ever since, going through weekly radiation treatments and every medication there is.

As hard as it has been emotionally for him, finances have not been an issue  because of the business. Not having the added stress of finances on Mark has been more than a blessing. He is able to concentrate on his health and get the best care possible.

It is Friday morning and I wake up feeling amazing knowing not only that my life is taken care of because of the opportunity that you provide us, but also that I am able to pass that same opportunity onto someone else.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what my life is and will become!”

- Rosie Portillo

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New Business Owners!


Congratulations to ELIZABETH / BRAD / CRISELLE for opening their business in Rancho Cordova, CA.

And also to ELSIE / HECTOR / MIMI for opening in Austin, TX.

Great job guys and good luck in your careers as business owners!

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Welcome to the Family!


Congratulations to CRESTELL / JAMIE / BENNY and SEBORNE / JENNIFER for opening the doors to their own business!

We wish you all success in your career as business owners.

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#1 Rookie Owner (4/16/12)


Nice job CRESTELL / JAMIE / BENNY on taking the number one Rookie spot this week!

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Scentura Creations’ Promotional Pool Rocks!


One of the many rockin’ aspects of owning your own business through the Scentura Opportunity is being a part of Scentura Creations’ Promotional Pool.

Each quarter, hard working Business Owners watch the Promotional Pool soar as they push themselves to qualify for a piece of the action. To date, many of these Business Owners have reached sums totaling close to millions of dollars. Their hard work and dedication have paved the way toward a financially secure and successful future.

The Promotional Pool is real proof that going the extra mile really can result in you making the kind of money you need to achieve real financial freedom!

Participants in the first quarter of the 2012 Promotional Pool divided up more than $56,000 in cold hard cash!

The really rockin’ part is… there’s a lot more where that came from and everyone’s invited to get in on the action! The second quarter is already underway.

Congratulations to all the hard working business owners who participated in the promotional pool.

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#1 Rookie Owner (4/9/12)


Great job to NEL / AMBER for finishing number one in the Rookie Standings for the second week in a row!

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Quote From Larry Hahn


“The more people you help become successful, the more successful you’ll become.”

Ok, Larry maybe wasn’t the first to say this, but he’s been saying it for years, and he really means it.  So much so, that he built his company, Scentura Creations, around this very idea!

For 37 years, Scentura Creations has provided the average individual with an above average opportunity – the chance to run your own business!

And it’s just as true today as it was 37 years ago, the more people you help become successful, the more successful you’ll become!

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#1 Rookie Owner (4/2/12)


Congratulations to NEL / AMBER on taking the top Rookie Spot this week!

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Best Selling Fragrances – First Quarter 2012


Top Three for Women:
Hearts & Daggers* Rendition
Viva La Juicy* Rendition
Midnight Fantasy* Rendition

Top Three for Men:
A&F Fierce* Rendition
Hearts & Daggers* Rendition
Usher* Rendition

*These trademarks belong to their respective manufacturers. Scentura Creations makes no claims to them.

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#1 Rookie Owner (3/26/12)


Congratulations to CHARLES / ALMOND / KEVIN / VALERIE / DIAMOND on grabbing the top Rookie Spot this week!

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