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Scentura Creations Scam


For 37 years, Scentura Creations has offered the average individual an above average opportunity – a chance to own your own business.

Yet for some reason, there are a handful of people who insist that this is somehow a scam.

It’s important to understand that Scentura has no intention of employing you. The goal is to offer you an easy entry into entrepreneurship by allowing you access to a quality product without having to pay for the merchandise upfront.

With Independent Business-owners selling our product nationwide, there are plenty of locations where you can learn the business from the ground up. In most cases, you can learn everything you need in 90 days or less.

When you look at it from a business perspective, it’s a pretty incredible opportunity:
(a) A quality product
(b) A proven business model
(c) Easy inventory access without upfront investment
(d) No sign-up fees or auto-ship

Scentura Creations certainly is not out to scam anyone, but rather offer them a chance to achieve career and financial success with a fun business!

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