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Guide to Scentura Creations

24/09/2012 has been updated to feature a more readable guide to Scentura Creations.

Check it out, and be sure to download the Printable PDF Guide.

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Scentura Perfume!


Curious about Scentura’s perfume products? Want to learn more about Observe’ L’Essence?

Now there’s one easy place to get the info on this fantastic product line:

Learn about product manufacturing, method of distribution, and the national press Observe’ L’Essence has received over the years. It’s a quick and easy read, check it out!

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Scentura Creations and Larry Hahn


To learn more about Scentura Creations and it’s founder Larry Hahn, visit this website:

Read success stories from those who have taken full advantage of the Scentura Creations Opportunity:

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Congratulations to April Greenwood!


Wanted to send a special congratulations to April Greenwood for capturing the top Rookie spot in this week’s bulletin.

Great job April, keep up the hard work!

Keep up with the latest Rookie standings every week at

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Scentura Creations Welcomes It’s Latest Family Members!


Congratulations to Jennifer & Delanie on opening their own business in Houston, TX.

And congratulations as well to Robert, Tiff, Rich, & Brenda for opening their own business in Oakland, CA.

And a special mention of their promoting owners, Ana Antunez, and Even & Liz respectively, for passing on the Scentura Creations Opportunity!

Be sure to keep up with the latest rookie action at

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Another Great Week at Scentura Creations!


Great job to all the owners again on another solid week.

• 9 Owners on the Regional page.
• 11 Owners over 500 sales for the week.
• 18 Hundred Clubbers!

And now… some words from Anthony Robbins. He can be a little over the top sometimes, but he always has great things to say. This one’s about developing great habits, cultivating the right “state,” and taking responsibility for your attitude.

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Scentura Creations Dazzler Promotions in Motion!!!


As all Scentura Creations Family members currently who are running their own business know, the key to their financial success is based on how many people they promote!!! All you have to do is be Loyal, dedicated, work hard, and have a burning desire for success, and you will get your chance to have your own Scentura Creations supplied office with no financial investment on your part!!!

The income is unlimited with all the rewards available to you as the people who came before you!!! Some have gone on to become millionaires!!!

Scentura Creations Dazzler office promotions now in progress include Las Vegas Nv, West Palm Beach Fla, Huntsville Al, Mobile Al, Downey Ca, Torrance Ca, Whittier Ca, Arlington Tx, and many more to follow!!!

Anyone who understands the Scentura Creations opportunity regardless of what part of the amazing Scentura Creations Family you come from, Promotions are the key to financial success!!! A special shout out to Larry Hahn for providing us with such an incredible opportunity!!!